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The prices are to be understood how?

Prices are per person per night. As of 01 January 2017 there will be levied a local tax of 1,30 euro per person and per day.

When can be purchased the rooms?

Rooms are ready after 1 pm.

When do I have to leave the rooms?

We ask you to leave your room by 11 am on the day of your departure.

What about the rules for dogs?

Dogs are welcome at a charge of 15 Euros per day excluding food. As dogs are not allowed in the dining room, we can always reserve you a table in our Gothic room. For hygenic reasons, dogs are also not permitted in or around the swimming pool area, or on the lawn.

How it behaves in a short-term change in the Services?

For short-term or daily registration for half board we charge the full menu price.

Can I insure myself against possible problems regarding the leave began or early departure of my holidays?

Before the start of the journey, unexpected events happen. To protect you from cancellation fees, we recommend a travel insurance. In case of early departure or non-occurrence of the reserved leave, the costs involved will be charged in full.

What does the Schlosswirt Travel Insurance?

For only € 4 - per person for each day of holiday, you are insured with us for a last-minute cancellation. You incur no cancellation fee. Reasons for your cancellation may be, accident, illness or death of the insured, the children, siblings, parents or grandparents. Not covered are any other costs such as arrival and departure costs, etc.

What credit cards do you accept?

We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Euro, Mastercard and EC-Card.

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